Free Bitcoin

If you are interested in bitcoin but don't feel ready to purchase them yet there are several sites that offer you small amounts of bitcoin for free. These websites are called faucets and they are often financed by showing adverts to their users. In the following I will list my favorite websites to get free bitcoin.

This is the bitcoin faucet that I use the most and that I can definitely recommend. They show no adverts at all and you can claim free bitcoin every hour. And with every claim you have the chance to win up to 200€ in bitcoin.

Additionally they offer many other features. With every claim you receive free lottery tickets that allow you to take part in the weekly drawings. Usually the jackpot of this lottery is about 0.3 bitcoin. Which is worth a nice amount of money. You can also use your bitcoin to bet on sports events or play the multiply bitcoin game. And if you have at least 0.0003 in your wallet they will pay you 4% annual interest on your savings.

I think it's really worth checking out this website as it offers a lot to its users.

 Another great faucet is Here you can claim free bitcoin every 5 minutes and the amount you receive is depending on the time that you wait between two claims. So the longer you wait the more you receive. 

The fact that you can claim every 5 minutes makes this faucet attractive. And you don't need an additional account to use because you can sign in with your coinpot account. Coinpot is a so called micro wallet and supports bitcoin, bitcoin cash, dodgecoin, dash, and litecoin. As a result you can also claim bitcoin from many other faucets that also use coinpot. This way you can get even more bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.